Floor plan and room layout

The finca has a ground level total area of about 160 sqm with large living & dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious kitchen with pantry and plenty of usable space. Before we moved in 2000, we had the house completely renovated, i.e. electricity, water and heating were newly installed. Furthermore, the windows were renewed and equipped with shutters and fly screens. The extension dining room and storage area was added in 2004 and the pool with the pool house later. In 2018 a separate heated shower was added to the pool house. 

Finca floor plan

All rooms are 3.20 meters high. There is gas central heating, a fireplace with warm air distribution and an additional wood cooking and heating stove in the kitchen. The 2 bedrooms have an attached work area, which can also be separated as a separate room without much effort, and thus 4 bedrooms of about 10 square meters each can be created.

Living room

The living room with the attached dining room has an area of over 50 sqm and you can go directly to the garden and jump the pool.

Spacious entrance

Spacious entrance area that really welcomes guests.


Bathroom with large shower and 2 separate sinks.

Please note the historic tiles in the entrance, living room and bedrooms! They most likely date from 1934.

Bedroom & living room A

The finca has 2 bedrooms with living area of about 20 sqm each.

Bedroom & living room  B 

A closet is integrated in each of the bedrooms.


In the kitchen, besides a gas/electric stove, we have an additional wood stove that can be used for cooking and heating.