About us

At the year of millenium we moved to Spain. Originally we lived in Pforzheim-Hohenwart a town in the south of Germany. There we have had a yard with horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and a huge amount of fowl. We packed all together except the horse, which was too old and the gees. 

Our estate lies at the back-country of the Costa Blanca in 930 m height in the mountains. Here we are enjoying our evening of life in a mediterranean climate.

Meanwhile we are self-supporters. With our fontain and electricity out of wind- and solar power we are independent. Anyway we decided to get a port to the public electricity network.

We have a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables of our own garden. Our almond and olive trees offer delicious almonds and cold-pressed olive oil. For fresh meat we have some sheep and the fowl. So, we have established our own biological reservation here at Ibi, Spain.


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