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We have phantastic realties in the back-country of Alicante on sale from private ownership. Meanwhile all estates have access to the fountain and to the public electricity network. You have the opportunity to build the estate of your dreams.

Two houses that are ready for living in them are available on estate A. Using the new highway one can reach the beach or the airport of Alicante in almost 30 minutes. The next city is Ibi which is about 5 km away. You can find there the usual shopping facilities. Via 3G mobile network fast internet is also available.

We made the expirience that the quality of existing spanish houses is not the best. We recommend you to build a new house and we're pleased to help you finding good craftsmen.

The realties are close to the protected landscape Font Roja. There you can enjoy long rides on horses or go hiking. Just a quiet place to relax and feel well.

Fuente de Santa Maria

Houses, estates and realties in Ibi (Alicante)


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Find out more on the next pages about our beautiful realties and great estates with a phantastic vista around the valley or contact us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Realty Fuente de Santa Maria with houses

Buy 517.268 sqm for 650.000 €


The main area is paled. (2.000 m)



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